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DJ E-Craig

DJ E-Craig
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DJ E-Craig

Amsterdam, today - Spin to live, live to spin! This is in short how I really see my life. It's been a rollercoaster ride ever since I started at the early age of fifteen. Fast forwarding towards today and what I see is the 'New Beginning'. Many years of hard work has gotten me were I am today; I am a freaky DJ/Producer, spinning tunes for everyone out there who has love for real music. Don't try to box me in or tag a label on me, because I fear you won't succeed. What I play can't be defined by just one style, two, or even three. It's a fusion of powerful, Trancy almost hallucinogenic waves, cool Techno vibes, and hard pumping, massive bass lines. It's my style, my name is E-Craig. It's been a full time gig since 1997 and I'm loving every minute of it. I've been DJing in clubs all over the world, really getting a head start at the notorious Club iT in Amsterdam. Headlining there ever since my first appearance. Things really got on track since then and clubs were lining up left and right. Not just in the Netherlands, though, but even across continents. It's been wicked. It's always been my dream to bring my music to people all over the world and I'm glad that I've already accomplished part of that dream. Yes, I meant to say part of that dream because I'm still hungry for more. I am still looking forward to spinning the wheels in front of new fans and friends in the South American countries, the US, and China. The industry dictates that DJs should make that next step and produce their own tunes in order to make it to the top. Do I agree? Definitely! I've been producing full time since 1997 and hard labour is definitely paying off. 'Call It A Day', 'Smoke', 'Drumbeats', and 'Thanx We Get' are just a few of the tracks I produced myself. However I Do realise that mere hard work isn't enough, one does have to be at the right places at the right times. Yes, I Do consider myself lucky that most big names in DJ-land play my tunes. TiĆ«sto, Paul van Dyk, and Judge Jules seem to love my productions and Armin van Buuren once said to being a real E-Craig fan. 2006 I can't sit back and ease up. I want to take this thing to the next level and working on doing something that no one has done before. Until then I keep on hustling, keep on playing the decks at clubs across the globe, and keep on producing new, massive tunes. Come and check out my latest track 'Call It A Sunrise'.
Today is the New Beginning – Fast Forward to Today!

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